School Uniform

We have a school uniform policy which is publicised regularly both to students and to parents and which we expect students and parents to support. Our policy is designed to reflect the need for a standard of dress which is smart and reflects a clear identity for Biddulph High School.

The reasons for having this policy are:

School uniform is an effective way of preventing the differentiation between and discrimination against children from advantaged or disadvantaged backgrounds; uniform helps to build up a feeling of community, of belonging to a particular group to whom one owes allegiance and for which one has responsibility. It identifies a student as belonging to Biddulph High School, and as such he/she can bring praise on the whole school, or disgrace, depending on behaviour; school uniform helps young people to accept that there are appropriate standards of appearance for certain circumstances. We want our young people to look smart as an outward indication of a positive attitude generally; school uniform helps students to leave outside influences behind, focus on school work and concentrate on learning.

We expect parents to ensure that our uniform code is followed.

School responsibility:

To ensure that all students are aware of the school uniform requirements and to implement these by the monitoring of student appearance and follow-up of infringements.

Student responsibility:

To make sure that your appearance is in line with school rules regarding the wearing of uniform and the guidelines on hair, jewellery and make-up.

Parent responsibility:

To ensure that your child leaves for school each day correctly dressed, without extremes of hairstyle or colour. No wearing of jewellery beyond that stated in the school policy. No excessive make-up.


We will not accept extreme hairstyles which tend to be in fashion as trends change. It is difficult to be prescriptive about this but it is worth noting that the following styles have never been acceptable:

1. Tram lines or patterns in the hair. An all over grade 1 haircut, including any hairstyle that has a grade 1 cut shaved into it

2. Coloured streaks or shadings such as pinks, greens, purples, blues etc.

3. Bleach used to create an obvious pattern in the hair, such as bleach used to streak down the centre of the hair, which contrasts with the rest of the hair colour.

4. Decorative inserts, such as feathers or braids etc.


No facial piercings of any sort (eyebrow, lip, chin, tongue etc.).


A reminder that for reasons of health and safety the only jewellery allowed to be worn in school is a watch and one pair of stud earrings (one in each lobe).


Clear and pale pink nail varnish only may be worn in school.


Please ensure that all school uniform and PE kit is marked with the owner’s name

  • Blue blazer (approved school style)
  • Plain white shirt
  • School tie
  • Charcoal trousers (plain not denim) or Plain Charcoal Skirt of approved style (skirt should be around knee length)
  • Navy v-neck fine knit jumper (optional)
  • Black or white socks
  • Black shoes (NOT TRAINING SHOES)
  • (No sports boots or coloured stripes – no high heels/open toe or mules)

PE Kit


  • Navy polo-shirt
  • Navy shorts
  • Navy socks
  • Navy Fleece
  • Training shoes
  • Gum shield (Boys only)
  • Navy Tracksuit bottoms
  • BHS leggings


  • Football boots
  • Shin pads for competitive football (Boys only)

Football Boots are not allowed on the Astro-Turf

PE Kit is available from Clive Mark Schoolwear or Smart Uniform.

Initials can be added to PE Kit at an extra cost.  Free delivery is available for individual items ordered online when you quote the following discount code:


All shoes (boys and girls) need to be plain black. It is worth noting for girls, shoes need to be substantial – ballet style shoes and shoes with thin soles are not appropriate. For boys, training style shoes or boots with coloured stripes on them are not appropriate.


  • The school skirt should not have any side or back splits.
  • A single kick pleat, approximately 15cm (6 inches) is allowed at the back.
  • The skirt should have a waistband and the skirt should sit on the waist; it should not be shorter than approximately 2½cm (1 inch) above the knee.
  • It should not fit tightly – if the skirt is too tight, it is too small!
  • It should be charcoal grey.
  • The trouser should have a waistband, no belt; it should be full length and charcoal grey.
  • The waistband of the trousers should sit on the waist and not on the hips; the line of the trousers should be parallel; flared trousers or tight trousers are not appropriate.
  • If the trousers are tight on the thighs, they are too small!
  • The front of the trousers has a clear crease.
  • The hem of all trousers should be at least 6cm (2½ inches) from the floor.
  • The school trouser must have a crisp front crease down the legs.
  • If you do not purchase the trousers from the recognised supplier you must ensure that the trouser meets all of the mentioned criteria.

As students get older, they invariably try to add their own ‘style’ to their uniforms and it can be, at times, difficult to keep variations of uniform in check – particularly as fashion trends change. It is for this reason that we have tried to be as clear as possible with our guidelines. We enforce our uniform guidelines firmly but fairly. We would like to thank you for your continued support of our policy and the standards that we aim to maintain.

It is worth noting that if you buy a skirt, a pair of trousers or a pair of shoes and you are concerned as to its suitability, we are more than willing to check it for you in school. All your daughter needs to do is bring it in, with the tags still attached and we will look at it for you.


Between the Autumn Half-Term and Easter break students will be able to wear a jumper in addition to their blazer. Styles and colours are detailed below.

Jumpers are not an alternative to the blazer – a blazer must be worn at all times.

If a student becomes too warm with both the blazer and jumper, the jumper is the item that needs to be removed.

Years 9, 10 and 11

Plain navy, long-sleeved jumper or tank top, fine knit with a v-neck. The hem should be just lower than the waistband of the skirt/trousers but not below the hem of the blazer.

Sixth Form only

Plain black, long-sleeved jumper or tank top, fine knit with a v-neck. The hem should be just lower than the waistband of the skirt/trousers but not below the hem of the blazer (if worn).

Jumpers that are NOT acceptable:

  • Hoodies
  • Jumpers with any type of logo
  • Sweatshirts
  • Very tight or over-sized long jumpers
  • Round or roll neck jumpers
  • Cardigans
  • Chunky knit jumpers
  • Fleeces
  • Embellished or decorative jumpers

Our School uniform stockists are:

Clive Mark Schoolwear Limited
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Tel: 01782 621721

Smart School Uniform 

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Tel: 01782 713650

Mobile: 07598 838 528

Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs E Moss if you require any further information.