We expect students to maintain their attendance above 96% as evidence shows that a student’s achievement has a clear correlation with their record of attendance. We also feel that students need to be aware of the impact that low levels of attendance can have on their application for future jobs or university applications.


What is good attendance?


Our Expectations of Students:


Please find our Sixth Form Attendance Policy:  Sixth Form Attendance Policy – September 2021


Dress Code

At Biddulph Sixth Form there is an expectation that students dress appropriately and the dress code gives details on what is permitted and what is not.


Uniform for BH6 is compulsory but differs from that in the lower school and there are two options:

1. General uniform: This comprises of black trousers, skirts or pinafores, white shirt, BH6 tie, a black fine knit cardigan or V-neck jumper and black shoes. If they wish to, students may purchase a BH6 hoodie to wear instead of the cardigan or jumper; this is optional.

2. Curriculum uniform: for students studying BTEC Sport, A-Level PE and Dance there is the option to purchase BH6 Sports Kit which can be worn as ‘uniform’; this is by no means compulsory for these students and they can wear the ‘standard’ uniform if they prefer. The BH6 Sports Kit can be worn with the BH6 Hoodie if chosen to.


Please find information on our uniform policy, and how to purchase uniform:  Sixth Form Uniform 2021-2022


Student Parking at School

Please find our student parking at school application and policy:   Student Parking at School – Application and Policy 2021-2022