We expect students to maintain their attendance above 96% as evidence shows that a student’s achievement has a clear correlation with their record of attendance. We also feel that students need to be aware of the impact that low levels of attendance can have on their application for future jobs or university applications.


What is good attendance?


Our Expectations of Students:


Please find our Sixth Form Attendance Policy:  Sixth Form Attendance Policy – September 2021


Dress Code

At Biddulph Sixth Form there is an expectation that students dress appropriately and the dress code gives details on what is permitted and what is not.

Please find information on our uniform policy here

BH6 hoodies can be purchased from Smart Uniform


Student Parking at School

Student parking is on a “first come first served” basis.  Students should not obstruct other vehicles when parking.  Students bring their cars entirely at their own risk and the school will not be held responsible for any damage to or loss from cars. All cars must have valid road tax. Drivers must have full insurance in place.  Driving recklessly or driving an unregistered car on school grounds is considered a serious disciplinary offence and is likely to result in a permanent ban from driving within the grounds.


Student Handbook

Our handbook aims to centralise important information for both students and parents/ carers and help to answer frequently asked questions. Please click on the following link: Student Handbook