Through the process of education we seek to develop the attitudes, knowledge skills and qualities necessary for each pupil to lead a meaningful, successful and productive life.

Aims For Pupils

Biddulph High School promotes the highest achievement by working with its pupils to enable them to :-

  • Achieve the highest personal academic standards and progress in all areas of the curriculum
  • Develop outstanding levels of literacy and numeracy
  • Gain high-level technological and ICT skills
  • Develop high self-esteem and aspirations, respecting themselves, members of their communities and their environment
  • Provide the challenge needed for individuals to extend themselves academically, physically, aesthetically, spiritually and morally
  • Promote life-long learning as key to being flexible and adaptable for the modern world
  • Be able to work both collaboratively and independently as appropriate.
  • Promote skills for economic wellbeing.