Information for Candidates

Please find below information for exam candidates from the exam boards:

Information for Candidates Coursework Assessments – 2021

Information for Candidates Non-Examination Assessments – 2021

Information for Candidates On Screen Examinations – 2021

Information for Candidates Privacy Notice – 2021

Information for Candidates Written Examinations – 2021

JCQ Social Media Information for Candidates – 2021

Unauthorised Items Poster – 2021

Warning to Candidates – 2021



To view the new GCSE grading structure document or the grade descriptors document please click the links below:

  New GCSE Grading Structure

  Effort & Progress Descriptors


Exam Boards

Please find below a list of exam boards per subject:

Level 2 GCSE/BTEC/RSL Exam Boards – April 2022

Level 3 A-Level/BTEC/RSL Exam Boards – April 2022


Revision Guides

Most Revision Guides are available to purchase at a reduced rate via:  ParentPay

Please see your subject teacher if you need more information or guidance.


Mock Examination Timetables

Please find our Year 10 & 12 Mock Examination Timetable below:

Year 10 Mock Examination Timetable – March 2022

Year 12 Mock Examination Timetable – March 2022


Please find our Summer Examination Timetable below:

Examination Timetable – Summer 2022


Access Arrangements

Please find our below our Access Arrangements Information Evening presentation:

Access Arrangements Information Evening – May 2022


Year 11 Parent Information


Key Stage 4 Preparation for Success GCSE Parent Information Video 1