All students at BHS will have the opportunity to access the Careers Education information and Guidance (CEIAG) programme which meets professional standards of practice and which is delivered by trained staff and is impartial and person centred. The programme will raise aspiration, challenge stereotypes and promote equality.

The CEIAG programme supports and is itself underpinned by a range of key school policies especially those for teaching and learning. Students in all years will access careers lessons that enable them to increase their awareness of the wide range of opportunities available to them in Further and Higher education and the world of work. We offer all students a range of advice and experiences, for example, work experience during Year 10. This enables all students to make considered judgements for their futures at the relevant stages as they progress through education.

CIAEG itself is designed to meet the needs of all students at Biddulph High School and Biddulph 6th form. Activities are differentiated and personalised to ensure progression in their careers learning and development.

The programme will include access to a one to one careers interview with a qualified and impartial careers advisor – Miss Alexa Lewis who works full time in the Academy.

Key themes for CEIAG

• Self-Development/understand themselves and the influences on them.

• Careers exploration/investigate opportunities in learning and employment.

• Career Management/make, adjust and implement plans to manage major transitions.

Careers lessons will be delivered in all years by relevant staff and monitored and evaluated bi-annually by Mrs C Carroll Wright through completion of a questionnaire to students and delivery staff.

The main topics included with the programme are:

  • Work Experience
  • Interview Techniques
  • Budgeting
  • CV
  • Post 16 Options
  • Banking and Loans
  • Jobs and Skills
  • Why do we make decisions
  • Describe skills – what employers are looking for


Careers information will be available in the careers resource area and on the schools computer network, most of which can be accessed by students from home. Students will be involved in the planning and evaluation of careers activities. In addition to this How2Become is a good all round resource for planning further education and careers.

You can view our CEIAG Policy here.