Achieve Excellence


At Biddulph High School we are all important; we are valued, we are seen, and we are heard.


Biddulph High School is ambitious and there is a consistent and persistent pursuit of excellence in academic and personal development.


Biddulph High school is student focused. We create an environment in which every student is valued as an individual and is challenged to achieve their full potential. We celebrate individuality and equality, believe that compassion is essential, and treat all our community with empathy and care.


Biddulph High School provides a broad, creative, and challenging academic curriculum alongside a full and vibrant range of opportunities enabling every student to explore and develop their interests and skills.


Biddulph High School teachers are passionate subject specialists and teaching goes beyond the narrow confines of exam syllabuses, personalising curriculum and fostering a love of learning. We offer all students the very best preparation for university, apprenticeships, employment opportunities, and life.



At Biddulph High School the individual sits at the heart of everything we do, and we believe that it is through knowing our students that we can help them to fulfil their potential. We insist on excellence in work and conduct and aim to create individuals who work to achieve the best in all they do. Our learners become confident, resilient, tolerant, and independent individuals who leave the school prepared to contribute positively to society.



Biddulph High School produces excellent outcomes at all stages.


Biddulph High School produces well-rounded individuals for whom excellence is a habit. They leave us with a true sense of who they are and can contribute positively to society.