What should I take?

It is essential that when selecting your options for studying in the Sixth Form you consider the following key points:


1. Are you interested in studying the subject?

You will be studying the subject for 5 hours a week plus homework for the next one or two years, so it is important you choose carefully


2. Do you know what the subject involves?

The prospectus is only a starting point. Ask subject staff and Sixth Form students what the subject involves


3. Have I got the ability to be successful within the subject?

Check out the following document:  Sixth Form Entry Requirements 2021-2022


4. What subjects can I take at the same time?

Check out the following document:  Sixth Form Course Pools 2021-2022


5. Is my combination of subjects sensible?

Research job criteria on the Internet via the National Careers Service and look at university requirements via UCAS


If you don’t know what you want to do then choose a range of subjects to develop your skills and knowledge and widen the options for the future.


Course Subjects

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Achieving Your Potential

All students need support and guidance in order to reach their full potential and you will be set challenging targets which are continually tracked and monitored. Comprehensive support is available to you, including: