Staff List

Mr S Ascroft Headteacher
Mr R Briggs Deputy Headteacher
Miss C Bradley Assistant Headteacher
Mrs C Carroll-Wright Assistant Headteacher
Mrs E Moss Assistant Headteacher
Mrs T Condliffe Business Director
Mrs V Hatch Head of Lower School Pastoral
Miss L Harte Head of Year 9
Miss C Foster Pupil Progress Manager
Mrs J Jackson Support Services Officer
Mrs R Barry Head of Year 10
Mrs T Brough Inclusion Behaviour Support Officer
Mrs G Bould Support Services Officer
Mrs C Taylor Head of Sixth Form
Mrs S Homer Pupil Progress Manager Sixth Form
Ms C Taylor Administration Officer Sixth Form
Mrs S Marks Safeguarding and Student Welfare Co-ordinator
Miss K Goodwin Enterprise and Employability Leader
Mr R Wiggins-Thomas Student Services Officer
Miss R Webb Counsellor
Mrs D Whitehurst Headteacher’s PA
Mrs J Goodwin Finance Officer
Mr P Latham Systems Support Officer
Mr J Eaton Systems Administrator
Mrs L West Data and Examinations Manager
Mr R Storey Senior Examinations Invigilator
Mrs J Duncan Administration Officer
Miss K Bourne Support Services Officer
Mrs A Potts Support Services Officer
Miss M Scott Support Services Officer
Miss S Stevenson Support Services Officer
Mrs E Batzios Head of Curriculum Area Creative Global Technologies
Mr A Kenny Early Intervention Lead
Mrs S St. Clair Subject Leader Business Studies
Miss S Tracey Subject Leader Art & Photography
Miss V Deavall Subject Leader Computing
Mrs A Halfpenny Subject Leader D&T
Mr S Halfpenny Teacher
Mrs G Jones Teacher
Mrs J Page Teacher
Mr T Rokins Teacher
Mr M Scarratt Teacher
Mrs L Sharrock Teacher
Miss M Brough Art Technician
Mr A Thomas D&T Technician
Miss C Bloomfield Apprentice Food Technician
Mrs J Fleet Head of Curriculum Area English
Miss S Bennett Teacher
Miss A Cawley Teacher
Mr D Heath Teacher
Mrs J Naylor Subject Leader Literacy
Mrs K Steventon Teacher
Mrs N Ireland Head of Curriculum Area Humanities & Social Sciences
Miss H Bowden Subject Leader Sociology, Psychology, Health & Social Care
Mrs J Horton-Smart Subject Leader Ethics & Religion
Mrs R Zacune Subject Leader Geography
Mrs S Acton Teacher
Mrs C Heath Teacher
Mrs H Reek Teacher
Mrs R Hayes Head of Curriculum Area Mathematics
Mr R Heath Subject Leader Numeracy
Mr C Hatch Teacher
Mr M Thorley Teacher
Mr R Williamson Teacher
Mr C Swift Head of Curriculum Area PE, Outdoor & Performance Arts
Mr D Windsor Subject Leader Music
Mr D Ackerley Teacher
Mrs R Barry Teacher
Mrs K Ford Teacher
Mrs K Swift Teacher
Mrs Z Harp School Games Organiser
Mr S Williams Head of Curriculum Area Science
Mrs L Totton Subject Leader Practical Science and Chemistry
Mr D Woolhouse Subject Leader Analytical Science and Physics
Miss J Fitzgerald Teacher
Mr J Paxton Teacher
Miss V Rushton Teacher
Mrs J Barber Teacher
Mrs H Twigg Lead Science Technician
Mrs S Brindley Science Technician
Mr G Davies Caretaker
Mr T Rush Caretaker
Mr R Colclough Casual Janitor
Mr S Deaville Casual Janitor
Mr J Salt Casual Janitor
Mrs J Baddeley Senior Cleaner
Mrs G Alcock Cleaner
Mrs S Bostock Cleaner
Mrs J Hall Cleaner
Mrs K Haslam Cleaner
Mrs W Jackson Cleaner
Mrs N Meager Cleaner
Mrs S Sherratt Cleaner
Mrs A Sloane-Bulger Cleaner
Mrs V Woodcock Cleaner
Mrs C Dyer Catering Manager
Mrs C Boon Catering Assistant
Miss C Brundrett Catering Assistant
Miss J Fox Catering Assistant
Mrs J Nixon Catering Assistant
Mrs M Smith Catering Assistant