What Are Subject Pools?

In order to deliver a timetable within school, we have to group subjects into ‘Pools’. Pools have been carefully designed to consider combinations of subjects which work well together, based on our experience of what students like to take as subject combinations and what is expected by employers and universities Post 18. Students cannot select more than one subject from any one pool, for example, Maths and English Language cannot be selected together as they are both in Pool 1, however, you could select Maths (Pool 1) and Chemistry (Pool 2), OR you could select BTEC Health and Social Care (Pool 1/2) and BTEC Science (Pool 3/4), but you couldn’t select BTEC Health and Social Care and BTEC Sport as they are both in Pool 1/2.

Pools 2020/21

   Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3 Pool 4   Enrichment Pool
A Level
Maths Chemistry Physics Biology AS Music
English Language English Literature Geography History AS & A Level Further Maths
Psychology PE Sociology Business Studies AS German
Art Photography Computer Science Extended ProjectQualification (EPQ)

Other BTEC Courses
(equiv. 1 A Level)

RSL Performing Arts (Dance) Applied Human Biology ‘Academic Mentor’
BTEC Level 3 Diploma
(equiv. 2 A Level)
Art and Design
Health and Social Care
Business Studies
Business Studies
 GCSE English Resit
GCSE Maths Resit
Work Experience
Duke of Edinburgh
Work Skills —————Full time Course —————-

Although it is not expected that the Pools for 2020/21 will change, it remains at the discretion of BH6 that Pools can be changed until September 2020; students would be informed immediately of any changes.

How many subjects do I select?

Due to the reform in A Level and BTEC qualifications, it is now expected that students select their options as a two year commitment. Combinations students can select:

Option 1 – A Level only route:

Students will follow the equivalent of three A Levels as a two year pathway.  Consideration will be given to more able students to study four A Level qualifications.

Option 2 – BTEC only route:

Choose two BTEC Level 3 Diploma qualifications or one BTEC Diploma and one ‘other’ BTEC course.

Option 3 – Mixed BTEC and A Level route:

Ensure that your choice of subjects totals three qualifications.