We expect students to maintain their attendance above 96% as evidence shows that a student’s achievement has a clear correlation with their record of attendance. We also feel that students need to be aware of the impact that low levels of attendance can have on their application for future jobs or university applications.

Good attendance means more time spent learning. The following links show the impact of poor attendance on your learning time.

What is good attendance?

Percentage attendance explained

Our Expectations of Students:

  • You have attendance levels of at least 96%
  • You attend registration promptly at 8.45 am unless agreed with the Head of Sixth Form
  • All absences follow the school’s procedures
  • Medical/dental appointments should be made outside of school hours, where this is not possible and will result in you missing lessons or attending late, it is expected that proof of the appointment is brought in to school
  • Driving lessons should not be taken during the school day
  • Students should sign out if they are leaving the school premises and sign in upon their return.  The ‘Signing In/Out’ board is located outside the Sixth Form Office