Dress Code

At Biddulph Sixth Form there is an expectation that students dress appropriately and the dress code gives details on what is permitted and what is not.

The dress code is as follows:

Shirt or Blouse

Plain white with collar and top button to accommodate a tie.  Shoulders and midriffs should be covered (i.e. no strappy tops or vests).


To be worn by boys and girls.  Year 12 students will be issued with ties on Wednesday 5th September following payment via Parent Pay.

Jumpers or Cardigans

Optional. Plain black. Jumpers and cardigans should be close knit and waist length. No zip-ups, hoodies or logos.

Skirts or Trousers

Plain black. Skirts should be on or below the knee. Trousers should be full length. Shorts, leggings, denim and three-quarter length trousers are not permitted. No knee-high socks to be worn.


Plain black, including laces and outer soles. Footwear should be appropriate for the lesson. Open shoes and high heels are not suitable for health and safety reasons.


Outdoor coats may be of any colour/style but they must be smart and practical. Coats must not be worn indoors.


Extreme hair styles are not allowed. What is an extreme and therefore unacceptable hairstyle is difficult to define. The current school Hairstyle Policy states: The school does not accept any display of inappropriate hairstyles, including:

  • The dying of hair to an extreme and unnatural colour (e.g. red, blue or pink).
  • Shaven heads where the hair is shorter than a ‘number 1’.
  • Sculpted hairstyles where the hair is deliberately shaped into an extreme style or design.


No facial piercings. Small hoops or studs in the ear.

Scarves and Hats

Must Not be worn indoors.