Tutorial Information

During an extended registration period each week, our students work with their Progress Tutor to cover topics related to PSHE and CEIAG. We believe that this programme enables our students to develop a sound understanding of risk and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe and informed decisions. In addition, we help prepares students for life beyond education.

Y12 topics covered include:

  • Taking Opportunities – Monday 23 September
  • Study skills
  • Planning the future
  • Target setting and progress reviews
  • Drugs education
  • Skills for success
  • Mental health
  • Domestic abuse
  • Gap year opportunities
  • University Ambassadors talks
  • University research and preparing for UCAS

Y13 topics covered include:

  • UCAS support
  • Apprenticeship support
  • Finance
  • CV writing
  • Target setting and progress reviews
  • British Values and Democracy
  • Preparing for university

Enrichment Days: Each academic year, there are three days whereby the curriculum is collapsed to enhance our provision of PSHE and CIEAG.

Y12 Enrichment Days:

  • First Enrichment Day:
    • Study skills – working effectively as a Sixth Form student
    • Team building
    • National Careers Service – Skills Health Check
  • Second Enrichment Day:
    • Health awareness (topics covered include cancer support and awareness, Antony Nolan talk, driving safely, stress and mental health, cialis drugs and alcohol).
  • Third Enrichment Day:
    • Visit to universities

Y13 Enrichment Days:

  • First Enrichment Day:
    • UCAS support
    • Apprenticeship support
    • Mock Interviews with universities and local employers
  • Second Enrichment Day:
    • British values, the impact of Brexit on young people and democracy
  • Third Enrichment Day:
    • Developing entrepreneurial skills